US/UK Navy Chiefs Strengthen Partnership

From CNO PAC ─ (NNS) ─ London, UK ─ June 29, 2018.

London, UK ─ (NNS) ─ Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. John Richardson visited London to highlight the importance of the U.S. and Royal Navy partnership June 27-28.

During the visit, Richardson met with U.K. Secretary of State for Defense Gavin Williamson, Chief of Defense Staff Gen. Sir Nick Carter, and First Sea Lord Adm. Sir Philip Jones. 

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) alongside USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77)

Richardson and Jones also participated in a roundtable discussion at the International Institute for Security Studies, where they discussed strengthening the partnership between their two navies during a time of increasing global maritime competition.

"The US has lots of partners, but when we really want to go to the high end of naval warfare, I know that the Royal Navy stands by our side," said Richardson. "Our relationship starts at the top. The First Sea Lord and I are in constant dialogue, exchanging ideas about how to enhance maritime security as we sail alongside each other in all corners of the globe."

"As much as the Royal Navy must retain the sovereign capability to act on its own in defence of the realm if necessary, even the most cursory analysis of our history shows that we are better off working in partnership with our allies whenever our interests align," Jones said. "Of all our partners around the globe, the most significant is our collaboration with the US. Ours is a truly strategic partnership, underpinned by our shared commitment to the development of world-class 21st century seapower."

Richardson said the U.S. and U.K. naval partnership is a priority and a relationship he seeks to strengthen through information sharing, interoperability initiatives, and combined operations.

"The U.S. Navy-Royal Navy relationship will continue to set the standard for the US-UK alliance, ensuring that we bring to bear all the capabilities of our two great countries," said Richardson. 

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